Incorporating Your Business

Smart Structuring from Start-up

The first vital step to establishing your business is choosing your legal structure. In order to launch a successful business venture, our business attorneys meet with clients to understand their goals and objectives and learn the individual facts of each situation to ensure that the best entity options is made. When starting a new venture, it is important to understand the different options available when choosing a corporate structure and to best choose the structure that meets the needs of each individual business owner or the business’s industry needs. The structure you choose at incorporation will impact your daily business operations, annual tax consequences and future growth. We can help set up your corporation or limited liability company (LLC), sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability partnership (LLP), s-corporation, or franchise.

In addition to incorporation, we also assist our new businesses file the correct paperwork when necessary. This may include registering the business in other states, registering a fictitious name, and complying with state law advertising requirements.

Finally, it is essential that when necessary, each business has a well-drafted and business specific operating agreement or shareholder agreement detailing the general operations of the business. At Spanovich & Patel, we understand the importance of ensuring that the documents governing your business reflect your goals and interest. A poorly drafted Operating Agreement or Shareholder Agreement can eventually be the business downfall if it does not accurately reflect its owner’s intentions.