DUI law

DUI Mistakes

Selecting a general practice attorney is a mistake.

Our practice is dedicated to DUI Defense. That is 90% of Mr. Spanovich’s practice. Attorneys who only dabble in DUI Defense do not understand the nuances in this very complex field. They do not understand the science behind the defense of these crimes.

As an experienced DUI Attorney, he can recognize the issues unique to your case and will have the experience to protect you. This includes at a minimum determining the legality of the reason you were stopped, your removal from the car, the legality of any test given to you, the validity of any field test given to you, the validity of your arrest itself, the legality of any breath test request and the procedures of the administration of any breath/blood test.

Taking the first deal offered to you by the District Attorney is a mistake.

The first offer is not a deal. An attorney who takes the first offer is trying to get rid of your case with the least amount of work. You never get to raise legal issues or make the State prove its case. If the district attorney does not think you are willing to go the distance, they will never offer you the best deal.

Selecting an attorney based on a low fee is a mistake.

Do not select an attorney based on a low fee. The lowest fee may mean the least qualified and someone who will spend the least amount of time on your case. They may take the easy way out and settle for the first offer the District Attorney makes so they can move to another low fee case. You get sold out when the legal issues of your case are ignored in an effort to make a quick fee. Although we do try to keep our fees down, we never do so by spending less time dealing with client matters.

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