Debt Collection

Whether you are a creditor or debtor, Spanovich & Patel can help.

Debtor/Creditor - An Overview

Debtor-creditor law involves the legal interactions between those parties that owe money and the parties to which the money is owed. Often an aspect of everyday life with little involvement by courts and lawyers, when debtor-creditor situations become more complicated, the legal entanglements and implications grow. That's when a competent and experienced debtor-creditor lawyer becomes an essential ally in reclaiming financial security, whether you're a debtor or a creditor.

We aim to collect debts quickly and efficiently. We even provide your business with the tools necessary to reduce keep customers paying on time every time. At Spanovich & Patel, we assist businesses located across the country with their personal and commercial debt collection matters in Pennsylvania. We can help your business collect an unpaid debt, or we can represent you in a lawsuit brought against you or your business for a debt allegedly owed.