Contracts and Agreements

Securing a Strong Foundation for Your Business

A business operates on its contracts. Every business requires them, yet the fact remains that contracts can be vague, poorly written, illegal, and in some cases, even unenforceable. What does a clause mean? How is a breach determined and what are the non-breaching party’s remedies?

At Spanovich & Patel, we draft and review service agreements, employment contracts, purchase and sales contracts, franchise agreements, and partnership agreements. When drafting contracts for a new or existing business, it is necessary to predict future situations your business may encounter. Quality business contracts take into consideration a multitude of factors that may not be obvious to you as a business owner. Whether you are opening a sole proprietorship or entering into a partnership, or embarking on a new endeavor in the course of an established business, you should seek the advice of a trained contract attorney to help you protect your rights and your business.